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For Nova Betta. :) SIP Patronus.

White as purest snow,
Fins like fluttering wings,
The sweetest love so often comes from tiny things.

He longs for human smiles,
Inspires laughter bright -
A crystal shining clear even in darkest night.

Then comes that fateful day -
The fluttery wings grow still.
That hole of loss Patronus left could not be filled.

But, robed in rippling blue
Like silver slants of rain,
Comes Galaxy to heal that gaping hole of pain.

Blue fins like ocean waves,
Blue eyes shining with light,
Reminder of the lost, with those same scales of white.

The love we feel today,
Like that which used to be,
Is pure as sparkling snow and deep as shining sea.

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I love your poems! Could you do one about Pennelope? I would love it if you could! She's sweet and very sassy and loves attention. Every time I go by, she wiggles and flares until I say hello. Here she is
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