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Hi Everyone,

I hope to get some help for my little Betta.

So I've had my fish for about a year and a half now and he was always a lazy fellow. But recently he has just been a bit overly lazy. He has been showing a lot of concerns for me in the past two months. First, maybe not too important, but he is constantly changing colors. Almost completely red to almost completely sky blue in a matter of weeks. That's always been generally normal for him but I don't that happens to many bettas.

The first major concern though is that he lays at the bottom of the tank and barely moves. He seems to swim to get air every once in a while, but when he does he is very quick and seems to almost sink back down. I think he can hold his own weight though so I'm not too sure what's going on. He has always been somewhat accident prone and has had problems with tearing fins in the past. I have noticed his one fun seems a little torn but I don't think enough to make him stop swimming.

Second, it's a little strange but within the last week he has had little interest in food. He almost acts like he doesn't see it and when he does, he won't go to get it until it starts to sink. He also while getting the food, misses now and hits him right in the head. So I have to make sure he actually eats everyday.

When he lays down or sinks to the bottom, he always lays on one of his sides. He used to have a clam that he would sit in but he lost intrest in that as well and wouldn't go in, so eventually I took everything out thinking he would swim more, but he didn't. I also fasted him for a few days because I noticed he has a slight buldge by his belly. It went down slightly but not too much.

I constantly am taking care of his water and is never dirty. I used to keep something that made bubbles to keep the tank a little less murky but after all this I ended up taking it out.

The water is around 70 and up, which is actually warmer than it's been in the past when he was acting better. I keep my room heater close so it heats the water fine. I feed him once a day a few pellets and recently it's been less on hopes to make him better.

Nothing seems to be getting him to swim again and I'm at my last rope with what to do. In my opinion, he looks healthy but he isn't too active anymore.

Thanks for anybody's help, I'll try anything to get him better. My boyfriend bought him for me and the fish means a lot to me because of that.
I know this is a lot so thank you again.


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If you could please fill out this form (don't leave a single thing out) and if you can please include a few clear up-close photo's, or a video uploaded to YouTube. The more questions in the form that you answer, the easier and faster it will be for someone to assist you.

  1. How many gallons is your tank?
  2. How long has the tank been set up?
  3. Does it have a filter? If so, how long has it been cycled?
  4. Does it have a heater?
  5. What temperature is your tank?
  6. Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration?
  7. Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind?
  8. Is the tank heavily planted?
  9. Was anything new recently introduced to the tank? If so what was it?

  1. What food brand do you use?
  2. Do you feed flakes or pellets?
  3. Freeze-dried?
  4. How often do you feed your Betta, and how much?

  1. Before your Betta became ill how often did you perform a water change?
  2. If you have gravel substrate how often did you vacuum before your fish became ill?
  3. If you answered yes to having a filter; before your fish became ill how often did you perform filter maintenance (cleaning)?
  4. What percentage of water did you change before your fish became ill?
  5. What dechlorinator do you use?
  6. Do you use any additional additives? If so, what specifically do you use and why? (ie; pH Down, PhosGuard, algeacides etc.)

Water Parameters:
Which brand of liquid test kit(s) do you use?
What are your water parameters? Please give exact numerical numbers. Test results should be from the tank the fish was in when it became ill.
(If tested by pet store please get exact numbers. "Fine" or "Safe" won't help us help you.)

Hardness (GH):
Alkalinity (KH):

Symptoms and Treatment:
  1. When did you first notice the symptoms?
  2. How has your Betta’s appearance changed?
  3. How has your Betta’s behavior changed?
  4. Is your Betta still eating?
  5. Have you started treating your Betta? If so, how? List medications if any.
  6. Does your Betta have any history of being ill?
  7. How long have you owned your Betta?
  8. Was he or she a rescue (was he/she sick when you got him)?
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