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Betta Sorority.

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I’m starting a betta sorority. I finally got some money saved up and my local fish store is selling juvenile female bettas. I’m starting with adding more driftwood and plants to my 20 gal high tank. I’ll wait about a week for everything to settle before going out and buying the girls. I don’t want plants dying or driftwood floating while the new fish are settling in. The tank already has neon tetras but only 4, so I’m going to add 2 more. Hopefully everyone will get along when I add the new fish.
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I agree with bettaloversara
Sorry i'm replying so late!! I wasn't able to get more females but the girls are settled in very nicely and aren't being picky with each other anymore.

I absolutely love bettas; they are like puppies with fins. these little buggers have so much personality. My girls follow my finger around if i dip it in the water and recently started eating out of my fingers. I'm so glad all my girls are happy and healthy.
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They're so beautiful!!
What are their names, if they have any?

Glad to hear they're doing great as well :)
They do not have names yet. I was thinking about naming the marble one speck, after a late pet, but I’m not sure. The other two still need names.
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well here is a belated update. Speck is now named Spot. The gray iridescent fish passed away a few days ago. The third fish is doing fine but still doesn't have a name.

The gray iridescent fish was a bit more bloated looking for about a week before her death. I cut down on feedings in case that was the issue. She was doing and acting well right up til the day she died. I believe she only suffered a few hours.

I was worried the other 2 girls would start fighting since gray fish was previously at the top of the pecking order so the next day I went out and bought 2 more girls. I would have gotten 3 but my store only had 1 inexpensive fish and the rest were $22+. I bought the inexpensive girl and one expensive girl. The inexpensive one is still a baby; she is very small and still has stripes. She is an iridescent blue that looks purple in most light. The other is a marble koi betta. She is mainly red and black on her back and white/yellow on her belly and face. She has a few iridescent scales scattered about.

I was worried on how they'd settle in but everything went incredibly smooth. My 2 original girls were very welcoming of their new tank mates and the 2 new girls were very respectful of their elders 😂. By that I mean: I didn't see a single flare from anyone and they all just swam around in peace. Considering how smooth everything went, I might go get another girl for the tank.
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Oh and unfortunately I cant get any pictures up before anyone asks.
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