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Anyone have a betta that suddenly seemed scared/unhappy in their tank?

Backstory - Kevin has lived in a heated/filtered 3.5 gallon balloon tank for almost a year. A few days ago, he started hiding and refusing to eat. Water parameters are all fine (First thing I checked). Nothing new in his tank. No change to anything related to food/his surroundings. Today, I did a full water change in hopes that it was maybe something with his water that I can't test. He was in a 2.5 gallon standard tank while I cleaned his main tank. I tossed a rooibos tea bag in with him. He swam around happily! Main tank all.clean and back he goes (with his tannins). Immediately hiding again.

I'm baffled! Could he just suddenly not like the curved front on his tank?

What else could it be?
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