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Betta wont go in a container so i can move him to bucket to clean his tank

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I am trying to clean my bettas rocks they have algae and he wont go in the bucket it is kind of big and takes up half of the tank. He wont go in the bucket he hides on the bottom of the tank where i cant get him hes trying to run away i didnt mean to freak him out but the bucket is like half the size of his tank can i leave it in there and hope he goes in or how do i help him i dont want him to get sick from this algae and yuckyness
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ok i just dont have a gravel vaccum and so i was trying to get him out so he wouldnt be harmed when i dumped his rocks into a seperate bucket i was trying to make it safe i just decided not to do it and put his stuff back and im going to get a strainer to get the rocks out of the tank later sometime so i wont have to remove him
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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