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I'm cycling a 20 gallon right now, so my 5 girls are in bowls right now. I kept the bowls close together on my desk, so they could see each other. Well, my cat figured out how to take lids off, so I had relocate them to another room.

I wasn't thinking about it, and just lined them up, instead of grouping the bowls. I started noticing one of the sister pair of fishes I had gotten from a breeder was lethargic, and not eating great. Other than that, she looked healthy. I thought maybe it's because she can't see her sister. I group them the way I had the before, and now you would have thought she was a different fish. She's eating great, and actively swimming.

Even the most bitter creatures need friendship. :) I can't wait to see what happens when they're in the tank together. Probably a whole other story.
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