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Does your fish got talent? Then show it to the world! It is the spooky month of October, and if your betta fish can do a trick, it might just win the treat: winning this contest!
This contest is for bettas that can perform tricks such as swim through a hoop, jump, jump through a hoop, follow finger, eat from hand, etc. to show off the many talents of these beautiful fish! I love Halloween decorations, so I'd love to see how that could be incorporated into the tricks!

The categories are split based on how long the fish has been owned and the age of the fish.
The categories are: Novice (1-3 months owned, age 3-6 months), Intermediate (4-6 months owned, age 4 months-1 yr), Advanced (over 6 months owned, age 6 months and up).

Each contestant must state the name of the fish, how long its been owned, average age of the fish, and a picture or video of the fish performing the trick.

1 trick entered for Novice, 1-2 for Intermediate, and 1-3+ for Advanced.
The last day to enter this contest will be October 31st and I will announce the winner during the first week of November! If this contest gets enough entries, I might hold another contest for November.
Best of luck to all participating! ~AshenEmberose
This contest is not an official contest and is not affiliated with the admins.
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