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I have two bettas from Walmart who were supposed to be with me until they were completely better, but my brother won't let me keep them until I no longer owe him money. These were gonna be given for adoption regardless, though.

The first has a long tear in his anal fin and was like that when I purchased him. Its looking better than it did, but still has a long road to full recovery. He is also very friendly and interactive. Swims about and explores his surroundings. He's responsive to pellets and would probably eat flakes, etc but I did not try those with him.

The second betta is looks sorta like a dalmatian veiltail. He's extremely pale and has yet to color up since I got him. Only had him for about a day, but unfortunately I must already give him away, too. He seems very lethargic, has yet to eat a pellet for me, but has tried several times. I'm unsure what is wrong with this fish, but he seems very weak and has issues getting to the surface of the tank and staying there. He mostly stays at the bottom and between the heater. He exhibits no signs of illness, regardless.

I live in Schuylkill County, PA and I am willing to drive roughly two hours or maybe more to rehome these locally. We can meet halfway, etc, but I'd prefer a public location like a restaurant or mall to meet. I'd like $15 for them. I can throw in a 2 gallon glass bowl and possibly a 50 watt tetra heater for both as well. Inbox me or respond to this thread!


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