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How many gallons is your tank?
One is a 10 g (Tyson) and a 2.5 g (Blue)

Does it have a filter?
Both have a filter

Does it have a heater?
Both have a heater

What temperature is your tank?
Around 78-79 degree F for both.

Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration?
No air stones at the moment, but can add some.

Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind?
No tank mates except for a moss ball with Tyson (10 g)

What food brand do you use?
Normally use omega one and new life spectrum

Do you feed flakes or pellets?
omega one flakes and pellets are new life spectrum

Omega one bloodworms and brine shrimp

How often do you feed your Betta? How much?
I normally feed once a day. Enough to give them a slightly round belly. Around two pellets.

Before your Betta became ill how often did you perform a water change?
I have always changed water once a week in the 10 g. Just recently got the 2.5 g tank and it gets changed everything 2-3 days.

What percentage of water did you change?
In 10 g tank I change about 1-2 g. In 2.5 g tank I change almost 50 percent.

Do you vacuum the substrate or just dip out water?
I do vacuum the substrate.

What additives do you use?
I have Indian almond leaves in 10 g tank. I also use vita-chem in both tanks.
And I use nourish in food sometimes.

Water Parameters:

Tested 10 gallon Jan. 3, 2016 (haven't tested 2.5 gallon yet)
Ammonia:0 ppm
Nitrite:0 ppm
Nitrate: did not record any
pH:between 7.6-7.3 (api test kit)
Hardness (GH):have not tested yet
Alkalinity (KH):have not tested yet

Symptoms and Treatment:

Hello all,
So I am having some issues with my bettas. One is a crowntail (Tyson) and the other is a halfmoon (Blue) I believe. I am not sure if I should have made two different threads for each, but I think my issues are involving swim bladder problems and possibly too rapid change of water parameters during water changes.

Now both of these bettas I have basically adopted as Tyson (had for almost a year) I received when my girlfriend's sister (owner) moved, and Blue (about a month) I have just recently gotten because he was super ill from my girlfriend's parents (owner).

I guess I will start with Tyson first.
When I first got Tyson he was very bright and active.
Here is a link of his very first day in my 10 g.
I don't have any pictures of him right now at the moment, but I will take some as soon as possible (tomorrow). After I reviewed the youtube video of when I first brought him I can noticeably see something is wrong compared to today. He looks like a shell of himself I feel so bad, I should have asked for help before today. :cry:

I ran into some fin rot issues maybe half a year ago which lead to treatment with paragard and began using indian almond leaves in his tank. I have noticed that he has lost weight and at first I thought it was because he was overfed like crazy before from previous owner (which I know they did), but now I am not sure anymore. His fins are growing back but they all look very thin. This was one symptom I have seen with another betta (unfortunately no longer with me) I use to have and I have no idea why it occurs. I wonder if it could be something in the amount minerals in my water at my place but I have no idea?

I have noticed now he has recently began to get bothered by anything. If I change the water he will begin flashing after the water change which he didn't do before (has done this for a month or so). Now like for about 3-4 days even if I feed him he freaks out and begins to flash. I have been trying medicated food with metronidazole (started 4 or 5 ago) since he was looking thinner compared to before. I originally thought maybe the medicated food was too much for him so I quit feeding it to him, and tried regular food again and he still does it.

I have also noticed that he rarely swims down he is most of the time right at the water surface, where before (around a month and half ago) he would be everywhere. The trend I generally have been seeing is that after I change his water he seems to go into a slump for a couple of days. First he would be flashing for a several minutes after the water change then just go into the corner near the water surface, then he would calm down. Throughout the week he would seem okay but would only stay at the water surface, and then after a while he would seem to be able to all around the tank again.

I have thought originally that the change in water parameters maybe too much and I began to change toward the lower end of 1-2 gallons per week. It seemed that if he did freak him out it would be one or two times he would flash and that was it. I tested my tap water it is around a pH of 8.2 using an api master kit. Maybe the change in water pH maybe too much where the tank is normally around 7.2-7.6 pH. I never register ammonia or nitrites and the nitrates either are so faint or I don't register them either (One betta in 10 g).

If the change in water parameters is the issue I am unsure how to either ween him off of the indian almond leaf or make the tap water closer to what his tank is.

I am suspecting maybe he gets swim bladder issues also because he rarely swims down where before he use to. I see this when I feed him as well when I put a pellet in and it sinks it appears that it is hard for him to swim after it. Lately now he would rather let it fall and not even go after it if it is dropping to fast. I didn't feed him today and may try a pea tomorrow, I was wondering if maybe he has some trapped air in his belly and when I feed him the pressure is too much and it freaks him. I am just guessing because I am unsure why feeding would bother him too.

I am just unsure of what to do because I can't make sense of what is wrong with him. I fear something internally is not right since he has lost weight and having what appears to be swim bladder issues.

Now Blue,

I apologize for this being so long. Blue I just recently got because he wasn't eating and swimming anymore (was at my girlfriends parents place). As soon I got him to my place I had no clue of what was wrong because he would just hide and if he did swim it was jerky like he couldn't control himself.

I placed him a plastic container within his tank so I could feed him and check his poop. I also noticed he had what looked like little green spots on him too where his normal color is blue. I have no clue what to make of it. I am not sure if it is a color change or not. (I will try to get a picture of it as well)

He appeared to get better as he began to eat and I saw poop balls (brown) as well and it appeared as if he could swim normally. However, one afternoon I got home and noticed he had jumped out of the container into the remaining of the tank and still he showed the same issues where it appeared as he couldn't control his swimming. He has fin rot as well and I started him on the medicated food at the same time I did with Tyson and I don't think it has affected him negatively.

I originally thought maybe something is wrong with his swim bladder as well and I thought the metronidazole (antibiotic and antiparasitic) with the food might help if he has an internal issue because according to my girlfriends parents he hasn't been swimming for almost three weeks. He is back in the container and I have place a piece of a breeder box mesh (with cut holes to feed) over it so he couldn't jump out again. I have run into a betta not swimming anymore with my previous betta when I think he got dropsy and the excess fluids I think collapsed his swim bladder, but neither of these guys appear to be pineconing like my previous little guy did.

I have just had some bad luck with my little guys recently and it has all happened all at once. :-(

I again apologize for the length of this thread I am basically unsure of what to do. I have tried to use what I learned from my roughly two and half years of fish keeping, but I am just unsure of what to do with these guys. I am basically at the end of rope with keeping these little finned friends as my main tank (20 g) was hit with massive bacterial infection and almost wiped it all out and it has been hard fish keeping lately. Just demoralizing.

I thank you all for reading my thread and please any help I would greatly appreciate.


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Hey everyone,

I took a video of Tyson this morning. I fed him a bit of pea. You can see his fins are very thin and short. This was from the fin rot I ran into a while ago, but they seem to growing very slow.

You can see his color doesn't seem that bright either. I believe he has lost a lot of weight too, but I do find poop his tank from time to time. I am not sure... Maybe under feeding, but I don't know.

But in the vide you can that he only swims right at the water surface. He doesn't seem able to go down. I was trying to use a straw just to show because my fish usually peck at the tip of it, and at one point you see him try to go down but he quits quickly.

I thank you again for taking the time to read my super long thread and watch the videos.

I hope for any advice.

thank you,
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