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Ok, so I would not be surprised to hear that most of you remember me from times before about the girl with MAJOR fish problems. I bought the fish at the store who called me the most (not necessarily the healthiest one), named him Knight and now I am feeling the aftershock. I feel like such a bad fish keeper!
Now to the point,
1. He has some major fin rot, I thought it was tearing before but now I see the holes.
2. He also has something really creeping me out about his gills. The creepy thing is at the crease where his skin bends when he flares. It looks somewhat like a piece of paper that was burned in a line down the center with a match. Making it a crumply, brown line only held on by the edges of the paper that weren’t burned.
3. Then below his head he has a white spot almost the size of a dime right after his gills, it expands when he eats allot so I am guessing that it is right below his stomach.
I have NO idea what 2 and 3 are, or the cure for any of them.
I included pictures (I think) to show examples. One is of his fins, the other of his gills and the white dime.
So please tell me cures for each, if there is medicine I would like that before cleaning his tank every day, but I will do whatever it takes to save my Knight.

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Please answer this form to the best of your ability.


How big is the tank?

Is it uncycled or cycled?

How much water do you change?

How often do you change the water?

Please try to answer these to the best of your ability. If you do not have a test kit, please bring a sample of tankwater to the nearest local pet store. They should test it for cheap, but most of the time free. Write the actual numbers down, don’t take ‘okay’, ‘low’ or ‘fine’ for an answer.






I can't see the attachments unfortunately so no help there.

If the white spot on his belly (between his head and his anal fin)? It is not unsusual for bettas to have lighter bellies which would explain why it expands when he eats.

Does the white spot have a fuzzy, cottony surface?

Its hard to tell with his gills unless I see them but it doesn't sound like any disease I've heard of.

I will be able to tell you a lot more when you fill out the consult form.

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No pictures here either. You should try to upload them again.
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