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Bird toy question

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I have a question, I remembered earlier a toy that my birds use to own and it made me think could it work for my betta's? I posted a picture of the item It's the hoops only, I would remove the bells and any metal that might be on it I just wanted the plastic hoops because I was thinking if people thought they would be okay I would then hook them to my tank lid and the betta's could swim through the hoops That dangle down the middle of the tank. Do you think the plastic would be safe, has anyone else done this? The item would be new, not used and it's only the hoops.
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It would probably be safe, just soak it in the tank water in a bowl for a few days just to be sure. If the betta DOES feel sick after days after putting the decor in the tank, take it out and rinse the tank with hot and cold water.
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