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BLOATED! What do I do?

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Hello, everyone!

I noticed today that my boy Caravaggio is seriously bloated! He wasn't this way earlier today.

Things that have happened today in is life:
-A 75% water change. He was in his cup for the first time in awhile, but only for a few minutes.
-An extra pellet at feeding time. I gave him 3 instead of 2 (I usually give him 2, twice a day. He's still quite little c: ), but I don't think that would make him puff up this much? I've given him 2 pellets + one bloodworm before and he's been fine.
-I put in an algae wafer for his snail companion Doc Cottle to eat.

Is this something to worry about? Should I just fast him for a day? He'd still full of energy, I just don't want him to be sick! : )


Picture of the bloating:

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He could've snacked on that algae wafer :p

I say fast him for three days and feed him 1/6-1/5th of a nuked frozen pea. While some members are against feeding peas, I've been feeding my fish them weekly with no ill effects. It's up to you though, but definitely fast him for three days.
Hahaha that's so cute :) minus the bloat part. Well hope he gets better! He should after three days of no eating, think of it as a time out for his sneaky ways :p
Lmao it's cool haha, it made sense context wise ;)
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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