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Blue pineapple/yellow HMPK x Blue pineapple/yellow HMPKEE

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Male is from petco, female is from TMTbetta on aquabid. Yes, the male has a long anal fin, but I can work with it. What I'm really looking for is the color and elephant ear. There aren't any shows here anyways.

Introduced on Thursday, the 29th, put together the next day, and spawned on Saturday, the 31st. Eggs hatched on Monday, the 2nd.

Female (breeders photo). Her spread is a lot better then it looks in this photo.

Male (not flaring)


Male and his nest.
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She is very pretty. He's not bad either. :)
They're beautiful! Can't wait to see the fry. :)
Thanks guys! They are doing really well so far, the spawn was textbook, and some of them already show some green iridescence (from mom) when you shine a flashlight on them. I cleaned their tank today, and have started dripping water in... Once the tank is full I will start doing 50%+ water changes.

Edit- I can already see pectorals, which is pretty early... I think it's the ee showing.
Can't wait to see pics. :)
I am working on it! They are to small to capture well right now, but I suppose I could try...
Mom past away sometime last night. If you are following my journal or my other spawn log, the same thing happened... Mom was fine one second, dead the next. Frustrating, yea, but I have her fry.

Speaking of which, here's a pic!
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-Sorry for your loss ;(
At least there's a part of her still here, in all of those baby fry!
Awwww bubbas. :) Sorry to hear about mum. :-(
Just read your other spawn log as well, so odd that both females passed for no obvious reasons :( Love both pairs, can't wait to see how the fry turn out!
Looking forward to the pics Matt. Your fry look really good in the last photo.
Poor momma.
Hope you get a female like her from the fry.
=( i'm sorry for your loss too. My mommy betta passed too =(...
Aww sorry for your loss Aluka :(. Females tend to pass easily after spawns, I've figured out.

I'll take some pics soon... If not tonight, tomorrow. They are growing up nicely.
cool! btw where did you get the indian almond leaf i need to buy some..
I got it through another forum member (long story) who got it from Amy Lim on eBay... She is the best.
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