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Be prepared for the worst and most shocking things to ever hit your eyeballs. I'll be transphering some stuff over from another thread that sort of became a journal to this thread, and he original date of the post will be at the top. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Also, many things are explained later and many questions answered, so please be aware of this before replying to something.
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Ok so prepare your self. About 7ish months ago, I was at PetCo getting meds for my dog and I happened to wak by the betta section. This little baby betta blob of blue was just sitting all alone and sickly and gave me that look that melts your heart, the container was "let store dirty". I am a huge animal lover (compleatly in my blood) and convinced my parent to let me get him/her. Me parents are divorced and I struggled a lot with my dad (lots of stuff I don't want to get into, but all you need to know is a whole lot of officails later, I am only living with my mom).

So, I did reaserch online and my rescue was doi pretty well. Then it switched to living only so my mom and I had to leave my betta behind (as my dad is a phycopath, literally). But now I'm really concered about him/ her and am trying to get my brother to bring my fish to me.

There are a few problems:
A. I haven't seen he fish in about 3 months and don't know how he/she is looking, my brother says the fish is alive but the tank hasn't been cleaned (I can't get my brother to clean it and my dad wouldn't clean it for the world).
B. My moms house is cold (we heat it using a wood stove that goes out during the day). This wasn't a problem at my dads because he loves the hot weather and it was always around 80*f.
C. I need to get a better tank because it was a "I need to get this fish out of here now, grab the nearest one and go"
D. Do I need a filter? Or can I just clean it often, I've herd conflicting things
E. I live 2 hr away from the nearest pet shop so I have to wait to get stuff, plus I am poor and don't start my job for another two weeks, about when we will be going back for food shopping.
F. Supposedly my brother feeds the fish, as well as his when he is there but the weeks he isn't there I don't know.

I know I need to get the fish out of there but I know I'm not the best prepared for it. HELP!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I know how terrible this is, but remember I couldn't do anything about this and was not in a good space at all. Last time I had been there I was so stressed my organs were shutting down. There has been a lot of really bad stuff between us (one of the more prominent being him saying and I quote "If that horse had kicked your mother in the head we wouldn't have all these problems."). I know, but that's not the worst of it. Just keep this in mind and try not to judge to much.
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My dad is being a pain and is being difficult about agreeing. He says that it is to hard for him to do. All he has to do is preheat the car, which he dose anyway. My brother will do the rest. Working on him, then I just have to bring my money to the city (which is 1.5 hr away that we go to every two weeks to shop. My town doesn't have any fish stuff) and then I can bring my baby home.

My brother sent me a pic of the tank (I swear he is hearing challenged. I have been asking him to bring my fish for over half a year and he keeps saying he forgot and I clearly stated a picture of the FISH sent to my EMAIL. What he proceed to do? Send pic of the tank to my phone). Anyway , the tank was about half full and green with no fishy to be seen. I made him clean it.

EDIT: he says he cleaned it but I know it will still be in terrible condition.
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Still nothing, I hate my so called "dad". He is a pain, control freak, and (for those who are younger) a wild donkey. He still won't agree, I was thinking and I remembered something that I feel so stupid for not remembering before . My brother also got a baby betta at the same time, and I know that his is not taken care of. The only reason his tank got cleaned is when I made my brother do it, or I cleaned it. I'm going to see if I can get him added to the plan (they will be housed in separate jars for transport). Also, DOSE ANY ONE KNOW WHAT I CAN SAY TO MY BROTHER TO GET HIM TO BRING ME THE FISH!!!!!!

EDIT: my brothers betta will not be coming to me, and there is no chance of that ever happening. I know, it's sad.

Ugg!!! so pissed right now. My "dad" is being a butt, and wont give me the fish!!! my brother is a butt and wont take a picture!!! its really annoying me because I feel bad for the fish, but I really need give up all connections to my "dad" for my health.

I know, but I feel bad because when I got him/her, I promised to take care of him/her by taking him/her home. I feel like I have to go back on that promise, and I have a lack of ability to stand any animal suffering. Hopefully the weather will warm up soon so I can get someone else to pour my love into.

EDIT: this is also a power card that HE uses, and everyone else sees it as a little fish and only I see what is under the tip of the ice burg. He has done this before with other things I care about and it is just sick. He is a sick twisted person who has masks that he hides behind. The only reason I am getting the fish back is because of amazing people who aren't tricked by his masks (more details in later posts)

GAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I hate... Him. It has been over half a year, my brother still wont give pictures (although he feeds the fish when there and cleans the tank if I make/perswade him to). But... Him, has entered into this terrible "I will now make you feel guilty and buy your love" so... He giving back my bike and MAYBE the most important thing in the world, MY POOR FISH!!! But I don't want to accept anything from him (and have a mental break down at the thought of even seeing him on the street) and... He likes to hold things in limbo to twist and controle you, but I really need to rescuce this fish... again... and feel guilty about doing it and not doing it. GAAAAAAA!!!!! Hopefully when my brother gets done with lacross I will get a picture. I am horrified to even imagin what things look like. Im dreading it, but really want to know, and then will yell at him for all the things he is doing wrong!!! GAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
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GAAA!!!!!!! So I had a deep conversation with my stepdad (who is one of the most amazing people in the word and I wish I was related) and the main lesson is "Remember that the world is round. If you cannot get somewhere one way, you can always walk away, go around the world and you will get back where you want to go." So because... He is being the most horrible person in the world (using a helpless life as a bargening chip) and is not giving me the fish. It pains me to do this, but I have to turn around and walk away from it, but the world is round, so Ill get where im going eventally. I have to first look after my self and separate myself from the situation, before the fish even has a chance. I hate this.

EDIT: my stepdad is truly the most amazing person in the entire world and has been there for me through the roughest times. I'm compleatly comfortable with him and feel safe with him. He also had an abusive childhood so he knows exactly what I'm going through (well, not exactly, but...)
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I'M SOOOOO EXITED RIGHT NOW!!!!! I KNOW HE IS ONLY PLAYING NICE FOR THE COURT BUT STILL.... I GET MY FISH AND I OFFICIALLY LOVE SOCIAL WORKER #4!!! I AM GOING TO THE CITY TOMARROW AFTER SCHOOL TO GET EVERYTHING AND THEN FISHIE COMES HOME ON TUESDAY!!!!!! OMG CAN MY LIFE GET ANY BETTER?!?!?!?!? I'M SOOOO EXITED!!!! I have to have my mom go to the bank and get some money for me because I'm in school for that day so how much should I tell her to get? I'm looking for 2-5g, heater, silk plants, conditioner, gravel, hides, food, ext... Pretty much how much does it cost to set up a 2-5g from scratch?
All posts from here on are current and now back ground information... Let it begin...

And shopping is done. I got the 5g Tera kit, 2 anacharis, gravel, omega one, stress coat, aqua salt, a heater, stick on thermometer, and water conditioner (cannot remember the brand right now). I will be putting the huge rock garden at my house to use, my family has a problem with rocks, and will be testing them with vinegar and then making my own decor. Thanks for all your help, but ooof, it's expensive where I live. Over $100, and my mom had to help me out, but it's ok because I've been landscaping with her company for free (then again it's her and my dad (tequnically step dad but I love him like a dad I never had)). I will be setting it up tomarrow, but it's so exiting!!!! :)

I barely got out without another betta, but there were some beauties at petco (and I don't know how to upload pictures, but they are terribly anyway.). They don't sell babies anymore, thank god. There were a ton in, and some were on shelves where they could see each other while others were in their little divided sections. I took the info pan felts, ripped them in half and blocked them from their neibors.

I did go to walmart (I had a gift card which took a large chunk out of the tank cost) and their bettas were all so sad. Tinny, like runts, and the water was so bad that you would not see any color but different shades of blue. I feel so bad for them.
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Well, that's Walmart for you. I can't wait to see your fish!!
Me neither, also two questions.

A. I've been hearing all sorts of things about what temp to keep the anacharis at. Some say anything above 75*f is to hot. Will it be ok in my betta tank?

B. can I rinse and clean some of the old gravel and mix it in with the new gravel, or more, will the good bacteria transpher?
If 75 degrees is too hot for those, you shouldn't keep them with a betta because my minimum for bettas is 76.

You can mix it, I'm not sure if it will transfer as I'm unexperienced with cycles. I don't think it would though since I believe it's in the filters too.
Subscribed! Sorry, I'm not really experienced enough in cycles to help. :( However, if I remember correctly, some bacteria does grow on other surfaces beyond what's in the filter. I would imagine gravel counts, unless it's possible for it to be too deep. Cleaning it may wash away the bacteria though, I think. Also, I have no idea if whatever bacteria on the old gravel would be enough to help at all. That's my thoughts, but again, I may be totally wrong.
Yes but MOST of the bacteria grows in the filter. It is in the gravel too, but it is mostly in the filter, but I'd just recycle the tank.
Me neither, also two questions.

A. I've been hearing all sorts of things about what temp to keep the anacharis at. Some say anything above 75*f is to hot. Will it be ok in my betta tank?

B. can I rinse and clean some of the old gravel and mix it in with the new gravel, or more, will the good bacteria transpher?
I have Anacharis at 78 and it seems to be fine.
If 75 degrees is too hot for those, you shouldn't keep them with a betta because my minimum for bettas is 76.

You can mix it, I'm not sure if it will transfer as I'm unexperienced with cycles. I don't think it would though since I believe it's in the filters too.
That's just what some websites are saying, others say that it's ok and their max is over 82
Okay, I'm inexperienced with those, I was basing it off of the temperature she gave me. If they can live in the high 70s then yes, they should be fine.
Gaaa, this is frustration, I just red on one aquarium website it cannot go above 75* and then a minute latter that it thrives into the hight 80*s. But based on the majority of what I have found and other people who have it in their tanks on this forum, I think it will be ok
I'm subscribing! When are you going to get him/her?
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