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Boy or Girl?

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I'm a little confused :) i do sort of see the egg spot, but I heard some boys have it too.

Also, do u guys think he/she's a wild color (or maybe a wild betta altogether)? Sold from LFS as a female.


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boy. look at the size of his beard! young boys have egg spots. it can be confusing
Oh i just noticed your coloring question, lol. He does have the wild coloring. I dont think he's a wild though (could be wrong). That colorless brownish green is considered a wild color. My boy Smitty has that on his head
really?.. so I've been emasculating the poor thing this entire time? :/

he flashes forward most of the time, and doesn't flash at all unless he sees his own reflection or a mirror. I do always have bubbles everywhere around the surface, but i figured it was the filter's doing.

lvandert, i see u have a similar fish on the profile pic, he's beautiful :)
Enkil, Thank you! he's really massive too, little monster lol

..oh dear, so weird to say "he". any chance at all it's a she? lol
Definitely a male. Male Plakat to be exact. A female, would have a less defined or no beard, along with a rounder belly now and then (or always, depending on the female) Along with having shorter ventrals (the ones on the bottom in front)while the males tend to have a "stocky" build, that is more streamlined than a female.
well give him another month or two. If its a boy the egg spot will disappear if its a girl it'll remain and grow more pronounced. Smitty used to be a Stella so don't feel bad. lol

Yours looks like a true plakat, my boys is a halfmoon plakat, but thanks! He's my best pet store find/save.

On a side note I just notice his ventral (fins hanging down right behind the gills) fins are too big for a girl. Girls have tiny little ventrals while guys get these big pretty ones.
yeh the ventrals always gave me that "off" feeling.

I've actually had him for a year already, and he was an adult when i got him. The egg spot was never really pronounced, but he did have it in the LFS too, that's how they decided it was a she i guess.

this fish is a mystery overall.. lol gender, those grey patches, his activity pattern, just a weird specimen. maybe he is wild, maybe that's the misunderstanding lol
Sena Hansler, he Is on the stocky side; his body is huge, i'd say twice the size of a normal full-grown male betta.
I see haha! Same with my Georgie... VERY big!
sounds like a giant male plakat. he's soo pretty!!! reminds me of a larger version of my avatar, if he didn't have dragon scales
Yes, he is a boy. :)
thank you :)

well, i'm gonna wait another hour and then go give my giant an apologetic fat blood worm or two for all the countless times i called him a girl.
He's a very handsome boy. I have a giant halfmoon plakat male. He's plack with yellow marbled onto his face and beard.
Sure thing. ^_^
Not sure about yours, but my Uther is a sweety. Doesn't do too very much.


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he's really handsome; i love the yellow - makes his face, and (oh, if i may) his eyes pop :)

nuh, mine is a little monster. he hides in plants and rocks all the time, but as soon as he detects movement by the tank he comes out to see if there is any food coming his way. makes my tank look empty, kinda annoying lol
I love the little circles of yellow Uther has around his eyes. ^_^ It's so cute.

Uther likes to hide in the Japanese gazebo decoration in his side of the 10 gal. Because he's black, I can't see him when he gets down in there. o_o So I start to panic, thinking that he possibly jumped on me (he's new to me and so I don't know if he ever has jumped or not). He now greets me when I go over to the tank. He has only flared once for me though. It was very impressive. His beard is marbled in yellow and black too. XD
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