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Brand new guy: Verandi

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I'm normally less of a fan of veiltails, but this guy was just so cute I couldn't pass him up. I kept thinking "No, maybe I should put him back..." and I'd lift his cup up to look at him and he was just staring at me with puppy dog eyes...and I love his coloring! You can't see it as well in the pictures but his fins are all black-tipped and he has a bit of blue at the base of his dorsal and claudal fins.
I'm working on getting my new 10-gallon cycing fishless but I can't help but I wound up in Petsmart today "just browsing" and accidentally brought him home, lol

Since I wanna go ahead and finish with the fishless cycle I figured I needed to get him into a home large enough to heat with my spare heater but small enough to easily deal with on a temporary basis until the tank is ready...but since I have no decent-sized spare tanks, I had to improvise, so we came up with the idea of cutting a 5-gallon water jug and it actually worked out pretty well. The little guy seems to be adjusting well!

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Haha. Love the water jug as a temporary fix. Kind of looks cool.
Awesome idea using the water jug!!!!!!!!! I was actually contemplating doing something similar recently.....
noooo!!!!! I cannot see the picutres
lol thank you guys! Yeah, it's not bad, if it had some gravel it might be doable! I wouldn't really put it past me to end up with more bettas than will fit in my new tank and have no money left over and end up keeping one in
My only big problem with it is that there's a lot of blind spots where I can't see him because of those ripply bits and the overall shape of it. Sometimes it takes a long time to find him!!

And oh no BlueLacee! Are you on a computer or mobile?
Very pretty boy. I like to one in your profile pic too. You have some very pretty (or maybe I should say handsome) fish.
Thank you very much NuptunesMom! I'm very proud of my boys :D
Love the colors and how flowy and healthy his fins/he looks! Also kinda really love the water jug 'tank' idea. :shock: I might just have to try that someday as an actual home for one of my boys!
He looks gorgeous
Beautiful colours and fins! very nice!!! And good idea with the water jug lol
Thank you guys so much! I do have to give credit to my mom for the water jug idea and my boyfriend for doing the sawing...I was just a humble contributor to its creation by burning the rough edges smooth with a lighter, lol!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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