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breeding lines and eggs

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so... my bettas are breeding. they do all the steps and they even position in breeding ( that hug together thing) still, there is no egg come out from the female?! will it be possible that shes just having a big stomach and somehow show breeding lines ? coz she isn't giving any egg even in that hug position!
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If this is their first time spawning, expect it to take a long time and to look incredibly awkward.

It takes my virgin pairs ages before they work out how things are supposed to go and so you may not see eggs until they figure it out.
arh icic yah i find out my male betta is an expert at building nest but new to breeding :D thanks mate
what can I do if the betta break the bubble nest in the process of breeding.. eggs now are all over the place ..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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