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i have a male and can i buy a female and breed them?
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Consider all this.. this is the basics, and there is a lot more to it then just what is on the list.

Considerations before breeding your fish:
Thanks 1fish2fish for the info :)

1) Are you aware of how much time caring for a spawn takes?
2) Do you know what culling is?
3) Are you prepared to cull if necessary?
4) How will you find new homes for your fry?
5) How is your breeding going to help the Betta splendens species?
6) Are you aware of the general costs involved with breeding?
7) Are you willing to ship fish if need be?
8) Do you know how to go about packing and shipping correctly?
9) How do you pick the best breeders?
10) What are the general tail types and what happens if you cross them?

11) What is conditioning?
12) How long do you condition?
13)What foods do you use to condition?

14) What items do you need for the spawning tank?
15) What temperature should the spawning tank be?
16) How do you properly introduce the breeders?
17) What do vertical bars mean?
18) How do you know when to release the female?
19) How can you tell the difference between normal and abnormal aggression?
20) When do you remove the female?
21) When do you remove the male?

22) On average, how many eggs are produced per spawn?
23) On average, how many fry usually survive to adulthood?
24) How long does it take eggs to hatch?
25) How long does it take the fry to become free swimming?

26) At what day should you introduce foods to the tank?
27) Which foods are better: live, dried, or frozen?
28) How do you get live foods?
29) What foods are appropriate for newly hatched fry? 1 month old? 2+ months?
30) How often should you feed fry?

31) At what point should you start doing water changes?
32) What is the stunting hormone?
33) How often should you do water changes?
34) How much water should you change?

35) At what point do you jar males?
36) How do you keep jarred fry warm?

And that is just some of the things you will need to know to be prepared before you can think about breeding.. oh my there is a lot to do and a lot of money to spend before breeding. These guys aren't like, say, live bearers who just pop out the babies regardless how the tank is set up- these guys can and at times, do kill one another when attempting to breed. Throwing any two fish in together to breed will result in either a death, serious injuries, deformed fry, or weak-low immune system bettas. Not to mention, most stores won't take just anyone's bettas, and some are harder to sell then others.. have to do a lot of research first. I suggest heading to the breeding section of the forums and start there :)

Here are some more links you will want to check out before attempting to breed:
Thanks Mr.Vamp for the info :)
Considerations and Supplies
Conditioning and spawning
Foods and Feeding
Raising Fry
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