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brothers/moms bettas

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the small blue one is my brothers dragonscale but i was wondering if its male or femle.. very confusing..

and the other betta is my moms, which has been bloated like that for 2 years now and she wont listen to me bout the care of bettas.. and i think its a VT but there are some dalmation spots in the bottem fin so i was wondering what kinda betta he is..
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Looks like a male plakat :) And a male orange dalmation veil tail! (though I can't see too well from the photos, but if he has orange spots on his tail..)
i'll try to take better pics... and no matterr how much i tell my mom and brother, they wont listen. they both have a 1 gal tank, no lighting,heating or filtration and they dont clean the tanks or feed them properly.. its very sad and when i try to tell mom, she gets all pissy and then i get in trouble..
both males :) and yes your mother's is a VT and your brothers is a plakat, i know how you feel my father disrepects betta's and they do not need any equipment there fine in a little container, they could live dosen't mean there happy :-( my mom just agree's what my dad says and they took away my breeding equipment
yea.. sorry bout your parents.. but yea, i just cleaned my two bettas tanks and i just cleaned my brothers and my moms tank. looking much better now..i also instructed her on bettas but i dont think she listened.. :/ and i took some new pics of them..

or at least attempted too..
Maybe you can convince them to watch some youtube videos about betta cruelty?
i'll think about it and then if i find any, i'll post it on moms facebook...
No don't post on your moms facebook! Not a good idea. Try and show her the difference between your fishes. I notice that when they are in cold and dirty water they are paler, and their fins are clamped. Try and point out the difference. Honestly if you keep up with water changes there is nothing wrong with a 1 gallon. Just ask if you can get them heaters and do the maintenance.
If you post on facebook it will seem like you are disrespecting her. So I would suggest not doing that!
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