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Bubble Bubbles and BubblezZzZ

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Okay heres the dealy my friendly feely, my male just made alot of bubble nest. And my female betta is still in the jar. Should I let her out after he is done making the nest?
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Did you condition the pair, and is she full of eggs
They must be conditioned.

If both are flirt swimming, you can release the female.
If she is a first time breeder, you can wait for 2 days before releasing (first timers often take longer to lay eggs).
how long has she been in the cup/vase/container? where they conditioned?if so how many weeks/days?
They never been conditioned. How do I condition them? What do i use? And how long do I condition both of them for? And my female betta was in the jar inside of the 40 gallon tank for 2 day with the male in the tank.
put them seperate and into what ever tank so they could be alone. conditioning is feeding you could use pellets, bloodworms, brine shrimp, etc for 2-3 weeks.
good luck :))
Conditioning is feeding the breeding pair with highly nutritious food which is provided by live or frozen foods. If you feed them these types of food regularly, they are constantly conditioned and you can breed them any time. Otherwise you need to fatten them up for about 2 weeks or so because (specially the male) will need extra energy rearing eggs and fry.
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