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bubble nest becomes one big bubble?

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so, my male's nest keeps turning into one big bubble... There's aq. salt, IAL in the water, and all the other parameters are in line. Any ideas?
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I have never heard of this. Is he in view of the female? It could be that he is just ignoring the bubble nest and it goes into one big bubble. I always just see the nest disappear slowly with bubbles popping.

Though about the AQ. salt,I wouldnt put this in the tank while breeding.
wow strange, i really don't know what to do about that o-o it sounds so strange never heard such a thing, do you have an active filter or anything that blows bubbles in the tank?
No, just standing water. One thing I should have mentioned; it's into a styrofoam cup bottom. Instead of a nest, it forms one big bubble. After reading the way I wrote it I pictured a large free floating bubble.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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