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So this is all new to me. I’ve had her for about a month and half. She was labeled assorted female at petco. Anyways, I woke up seeing bubbles everywhere here (in picture). And I heard females don’t really make bubble nests. So my questions:

Is this even a bubble nest?
Is my she in fact a he?
Are there concerns I should be wary of in regards to bubble nests?

(photos inserted / used mirror toy to get better photos of fins)

-10 gal tank.
-Filter is placed in far left corner.
-Initially I had bought three females and got them “used to each other” ; day 4 this one killed the other two. So she’s a loner now. Just adding that story in case the behavior alters the outcome of my questions?

Thanks everyone!


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The only thing I’d watch for is if she lays eggs and puts them in a bubble nest. They will eventually mold or she will eat them and get really fat. So if you do see a bubble nest full of eggs I’d dip a cup in and remove it. Some females are great breeders. I had a female do the same thing. I allowed her to finish laying and filling the nest but by the next day she was eating them so out it came. I considered breeding her and didn’t want her to become an egg eater but I didn’t want her eating herself into a Bloat either.
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