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bubble nest

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So who has had this situation
You spend all day cleaning tanks your tired sore and extremely cranky
you've splashed water all over yourself and the floor you've managed to drop like 20 things and all you want to do is sleep!..... and then you wake up the next working to extremely happy dancing Betta and a giant post water change bubble nest and suddenly it was all worth it and you smile and after telling your Betta how amazing they are (because they are) you go about your day with a little bounce in your step (and a sore back)!!
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I've done that. It was actually the first time he made a bubble nest too! got him a nice floating plant (watersprite) and changed his entire tank, rearranging it. Went to bed that night and woke up to a giant bubble nest. It was very rewarding.
Okay um Yoshesmom that betta in your avatar is amazing... and I know the feeling of crankiness during water changes I always manage to spill so much water :(
Sigh its the exact opposite for me. I clean the tank, destroying a bubble nest, and my betta doesnt make one until two days before the next cleaning...
My boy Rosso will occasionally surprise me with a new bubble nest after a water change. It's always nice to see after you spent all that time working on it and getting water on your clothes.
My betta makes bubble nests every friday night, and i change his water every saturday morning :p
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