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Buddha the betta

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Hello again everyone! Wow, it's been so long xD

I guess you can say I've grown a lot since I last came here, betta wise :)

I just want to share some pictures that I've taken of my fish. I also would like to know if the wonderful users here can help me determine what kind of betta he is. I still can not figure it out. :-?

He's not fond of having pictures taken, or people by his tank for that matter, so picture taking is hard. :)
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Hi, and Welcome to the Forum!!!
Buddha seems to be a VeilTail. Those types of Betta Fish have Long, Flow-Like, Fins like Veils and are Very Common. He's Beautiful BTW!!! ;D
He's pretty! Like LebronTheBetta said he looks like a VT.
Thank you both very much :)
I was thinking that he was some weird half-halfmoon betta and that he was just missing a bit of his tail haha

I absolutely LOVE his coloring, and I'm shocked that he came from one of those run down pet stores.
He looks very pretty and is a Blue Veil tail. What size tank is he in, BTW?
beautiful fish, but i 100% agree he is a VT :) he is beautiful though
Thank you very much everyone :)

And he is currently in a 2 gallon tank/bowl. I currently live in a college dorm so that's the largest I could get at the moment with all my stuff and two roommates.
Next year, I'm planning on getting maybe a 10 gallon and work around that ^^
Okay, I just looked kinda small in the picture. Just checking. 2 gallons is perfectly fine. =)
It does look small at first, so I get worried xD

I do have to rotate his deorations though whenever I clean his tank. They take up too much room and sometimes I can tell he doesn't enjoy it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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