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If your goal time is in August, this would be plenty of time for you to get all the things together for when you want the tank to suddenly appear.

You could cycle the tank and then transport the tank without the water (filter should be fine for an hour's drive) and put the betta in a safe container (in dechlorinated water) to your bf's place & then set it up for the surprise. Bring along a bucket & dechlorinator to refill the tank.... be sure to get temp as close as possible to what betta was in.

OR... do the above but without buying the fish. You could surprise your bf and then take him out to pick out the fish he wants. Won't have to stress the fish in a transport this way and it "might" be just a bit less hassle for you (and fishie) as you've said you "know nothing about fish". You and your bf could then set the tank up together.

Also consider that one little betta in 25 litres ... the water quality won't go pear-shaped very quickly. So, you could get started on the cycling and after it's set up your bf just needs to be vigilant on the water testing and water changes! (*I'm just making a slight assumption that your bf has at least a basic knowledge of keeping fish.. since you said he had tropical fish before... so if this is the case, 1 fish in a 25 litre shouldn't be too much trouble for him).

Good luck in whatever you choose to do.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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