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The only other thing I could add to the suggestions above would be the addition to a small soft net so you can move the betta around if needed. (If your tank kit does not come with one.) They are very cheap. (less then $2.00 USD)
You can probably get along without one if you can get him to swim into a cup if you need to move him around. It just makes moving him around easier and a bit safer in my opinion.

If you were waiting on the fish, like someone suggested above, until he could go pick it. An idea might be to get a card, or photo of a Betta and tape it to the outside of the aquarium with the inside or back saying whatever you felt would be appropriate for the occasion. :)

Be careful if you get the fish and take care of it. They have addictive personalities and you might just end up getting two tanks! (one for yourself!)

Best wishes and happy birthday to your boyfriend!
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