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First, I buy all of my fish online. I buy from two main sources because I know they provide quality, fair prices and don't make blatantly false claims.

What burns me up are those Betta sellers who charge outlandish prices and claim "show quality" or "rare." Then you look and their "show quality"/"rare" Betta are not. Instead, they have glaring, major or disqualifying faults or are common. It is difficult when an owner wants an evaluation of a Betta purchased as show quality or rare and it isn't either.

Don't get me wrong; there is no reason to not buy Bettas with faults. I often buy such because what appeals to me appeals to me. If it's faulty then sobeit.

So, take a second look before you pay more because a Betta is called show quality or "rare." If you know the Betta has faults or isn't rare and are still willing to buy that's your informed choice. Just don't be duped into believing a Betta is something it's not and pay for it.

End of soapbox.
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