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Caesar won't eat? Need help ASAP

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Hi guys so about 3 days ago I got a new show betta named Caesar. He's not eating and I'm very concerned. Also we're going on vacation for 3 days. I planned to feed my bettas before I left but I don't think Caesar has eaten anything since I got him and I don't want him to starve. What should I do? Please help right away, leaving tomorrow morning!
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He probably just needs time to settle in and get used to clean water.

He should be fine without food for 6 days as most stores only feed once or twice a week.

Offer food before you go. Only offer a few pellets so if he doesn't eat by the time you leave, you can safely leave it in the water to give him a little more time without too much worry about fouling up the water quickly.
Thank you so much! We already left but our house keeper said that she would feed him 3 pellets and hopefully it would last him!
Don't you worry! My Fabio had a picky phase when I first got him. He would refuse to eat pellets so I tried bloodworms without realizing that those are like candy and should not be fed to them all the time. He went on strike and refused to eat anything other than bloodworms but, after about a day and a half, he ate his food when he was hungry enough.

He should be fine for three days, so don't worry. He'll probably eat before you leave. Just do NOT try to "make up" for days that you missed feeding him. Just feed him as normal, no extra portions.
You can suggest to the house watcher to soak the pellets in garlic water. Most betta's cannot refuse!!
Oooh garlic? I've never heard of that? Is that safe?
My betta Voltaire was the same way at first. He went a few days without eating after we got him from a breeder online. He refused the pellets so I tried some frozen brine shrimp and he gobbled it up. It was a treat so of course the next time I tried to feed him he wouldn't have anything else. I waited 2 more days and tried the pellets and he gobbled them up like a little piggy. :) His birthday was yesterday and now my boy is 1 year old.
Of course its safe! ^.^ And they love it!
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