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Cambodian, butterfly, maybe both?

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I'm just trying to figure out my Comet's color/pattern. To me he looks like a butterfly pattern (although not the ideal, perfect butterfly) and maybe the Cambodian color.

Is this right?

The first picture shows his pattern best, but the second picture shows his colors better. His body is an iridescent white, and the base of his tail and other fins are a shiny sky blue. The rest of the fin is a deep red. He also has the shiny blue on the tips of his fins as well.

I'm only curious, as I love my boy no matter what. <3
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I would agree with you, but isn't a butterfly colouring with the odd colour closer to the tips?
Or is there a variance I'm unaware of? Because that's a whole new world then~ haha
he seems to look combodian, but am not sure. defiantly not a butterfly though
I'd say a multicolor.Multicolor
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Same thing with me female betta. She looks like she could be a Cambodian, but she also has some blue coloring.
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I'd say a multicolor.Multicolor
I see what you are looking at, but he still looks a *lot* like the Cambodian color:

As he has a nice white body, without washes of color. Unlike the mutlicolor example:

He also has more even coloring of his fins, not just random. It does -seem- to me to be most like the butterfly pattern:

"Butterfly- the fins have distinct bands of colours."
Again, not the perfectly even patterning of show quality fish.


I could be totally wrong!! Just trying to point out what I am seeing. :oops:
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Aw, I feel bad. I hope my last reply didn't come off as rude! I just wanted to show what I was seeing, nothing more.

I still would love opinions from those who know more about it. I know I am uneducated on this subject!
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