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So I've got this betta for 2 weeks, his name is Yogurt, hence the username I use, I keep him in a 2.5 gallon tank with live plant I got from my aunts tropical fish garden.

I just want to know what type of coloration does Yogurt have. From the research and googling that I've done, I think he is a Cambodian or a Mascot one but I'm not 100% sure about it. Please help me to know what coloration does my little Yogurt have, thanks :-D

Additionally, I live here in the Philippines, part of South-East Asia, neighbor country of our dearest bettas' natural habitat Thailand. The temperature here is relatively high enough for the betta to thrive. I bought Yogurt from a reputable breeder here in our place. Believe it or not, I just bought him for Php40.00 (Philippine Peso) that's like $1.00!! I guess I'm so lucky to live here in the Philippines :)

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