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Can anyone tell me what Rosey is?

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Hello! I'm new to this forum oh, but it was hoping this would be a good place to start! This is Rosey, one of my bettas, but I have never seen this color pattern and was wondering if anyone has ever seen anything similar? It's hard to even describe, she is obviously pink with rose-colored spots, but the tips of her fins have an almost Neon/electric blue shine to them in the light. This little guy was only $4 but is easily one of my favorite fish to ever own! I have searched all over the Internet and never found another one quite like Rosey. If anyone could tell me if there is a name for this color or even what type of beta it is I wish appreciate it, thanks!
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
Rosey is such a beautiful baby!!

It reminds me of a colour type I've seen lots of breeders call Armageddon. But I've seen it used for both kids like Rosey, and bicolour bettas with the same pattern on the fins as Rosey.
I'm wondering if that neon is possibly iridescence also?

I'm not sure if I'm correct though..

Maybe @indjo knows??

On another note! Rosey's fin-type is called a veiltail! :)
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Rosey is a handsome guy! If you look up "dalmatian veiltail" on Google you'll find fish that look kind of like him, but I don't know if he'd technically count as dalmatian. Very cool fish!
He is not full dalmation, but his fins do show the trait. As for the "neon", yes it's caused by iridescent - quite rare for it to show in such a way
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Wow, what an amazing betta you have! Before seeing this thread, i didn't even know what a dalmatian betta is! Learning new things every day! ;)
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