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can beta survive in this condition?

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Will a betta survive in a 3.5 gallon with just gravel, live plants and light? Without any filter or cycling thing...?
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A heater is also generally a minimum for betta's unless you live somewhere really warm, they need to kept at 76F minimum and they prefer closer to 80F.

Without cycling you will need to be prepared to do regular water changes a few times a week, there is a recommendation thread for water changes in the bowls and habitats section.

If you were to use prime water conditioner that also detoxifies ammonia and nitrite to a less dangerous form, and you can use that up to 5 times the amount.

If you are prepared to do the above a Betta should be fine in that size tank. You could also add a small filter and cycle it. That size tank would cycle.
Depending on how densely planted it is, live plants will serve as natural bio-filter and reduce water changes to ~50% weekly rather than several times a week--but again, it has to be densely planted. You generally don't want to ever do 100% water changes because plants need the nitrates and other nutrients. Add (1) root tab under the plants and you're good to go.

+1 on the heater.
Yah, like others said you NEED a heater, or than ur good.
3.5 gallons is perfect! like the others say, need a heater and whatnot and you will be good to go. =)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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