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Can Constantly Bubble Nest Building Be Bad?

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So I was all excited about when Gyarados made his first bubble nest a month and a half ago. It was huge. Since then, however, he constantly renews it and if I do a water change, there will be a bubble nest there within the next day. He's made over 15 completely new nests and has rebuilt at least another 5 (I lost count almost two-three weeks ago). It's rare now if I don't see him in his spawn colors or find him fanning out his fins in his bubble nest corner.

The only reason I'm concerned is not just due to the high frequency at which he's building/rebuilding nests, but for the fact that recently he's split his fins twice due to him fanning out so much (and goodness knows how much I've been waiting for his fins to grow back after he went through a week of biting his fins after being transfered to a 5gal).

So should I be concerned? I know betta fish naturally build nests but I have no idea what the frequency of that is or how long he'll attempt to do it for. Thanks in advance.
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Well I'm at least relieved it's not a worry. He's split his fins before and usually they grow very fast versus when he bit them two months ago (that seems to be taking forever but he bit them very badly).

Do you perhaps know how long they build nests for?
Hmm, I've been meaning to change his decor around for different reasons so I might do that either way. And the temperature is usually between 78 and 82 (I have a heater that keeps it consistent).
Ah, well I won't worry then. I love his colors and how big he's gotten. He tends to enjoy his daily activities either way. :)
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