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The mollies are fine in fresh water.. just that even being bred in it shortens their life spans by a bit.
1) Do I have enough room for a betta? From what I can tell you, it depends on your filter, mollies produce a lot of ammonia, and I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that with a strong filter and lot's of hiding places a betta could be okay.
2) Will a betta be compatible with the bright colored glofish? As long as there's enough room betta and glofish are fine together, however you need at least 4/5 to keep them happy and not picking on the betta.
3) Should I try a male or female betta? I'd personally try a female, they can swim and hide better, but a male could also work. But you MUST be prepared to go out and buy the betta it's own suitable seperate home if you fish are bullying him.
4) If I can add a female, would just one be okay? Yes, my female betta lives by herself and is quite happy. There are some females that hate living in groups, and groups can be hard to set up, so one female is fine.
5) Is there a way to tell at the pet store how aggressive a betta is? No, even a calm looking betta could just be either sick or kinda have "given up on life" so to speak, most have huge personality changes in a tank, so you never know.
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