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Yeah, most of the species of the fish you have right now need bigger shoals. :)

Clown Loaches need to be in groups of 5 to 6 minimum, preferably 10 or more. If you buy just a pair like you have, the dominant one will harass the weaker one, maybe even preventing the other one from feeding. I believe the number of Guppies you have is fine, but it won't hurt to up the number on them too, to maybe around 6 or so. Red Fire Dwarfs is just a different colouration of Dwarf Gouramis I think, seeing how you have a pair they should be fine if you have lots of plants and hiding places and cover. They're not really good community fish, they're shy and territorial, also along with noticing you have Gouramis in your tank

Since you have Dwarf Gouramis in your tank, you cannot house a female Betta.

I dunno what Long Tail Red Skirts are. ._______.;

So yeah, there you go. After taking a closer look into this, I would not advise you adding a Betta because you need to stock up on more of the same species to maintain a happy shoal of each type of fish you have already in the tank, and also you have Gouramis, they don't go well with Bettas.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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