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can substrate influence temp?

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So when I had my 2.5 gallon tank set up in my dorm in college, I had white reptile sand as my substrate. The same heater/filter/everything. The heater held steady at a 76 degrees F. Whenever I got back to my home from college, I changed the substrate to black sand made for aquariums, and now the temperature is holding steady at 80 degrees F. The only thing that's changed between the set ups in the substrate.

I have no idea why my heater is suddenly having my water warmer....
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Darker things generally hold heat more. Wear a white shirt and walk around in the sun, then change into a black shirt and do the same thing. It's a lot warmer. Dark cars tend to get hotter faster than lighter cars too. I suppose the same thing applies to substrate. Just from my experience as a Florida resident lol.
The temp isn't going any higher than 80 so I'm still in the safe zone for Grumpy, my blue betta :/
What heater do you have?
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