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Can you please help diagnose my betta Ara??? possible ich?

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Hi :)

Thank you for helping me!

I am wondering what is going on with my betta - I think it might be ich but I'm not sure.

Last week Ara was diving into the marbles at the bottom of his tank, I googled that and found that it could be that he was itching something. He started developing some white spots -but they don't look like the images I saw of ich on google. I read a bunch of posts on here and I did a 100% water change, changed from marbles to gravel and started increasing the temperature of his tank. He stopped smashing into the bottom of his tank and he's still blowing large bubble nests, but still seems a little off.

white spots
seems slightly less interested in food - although he will eat if I keep my finger near it to guide him
his poop is very pale now
seems a little anxious - for ex. he almost seems scared of me and swims around fast when I come near his tank - he never used to do that

but for the most part his swimming activity has been normal - he's not darting around or anything.

Anyway I'm worried about him and hoping you guys have some expert advice to share :)

here are some pics:

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It's actually not Ich, it's just his natural coloration.
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