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I'm not too familiar with new commercial names and I don't even try to understand because I see those names used too loosely. For example a galaxy is supposed to show dots of irids (or dragons scaling) which according the person who created the name, resemble stars in the galaxy.

The fish above does not show such dots.

Koi is supposed to look like a koi carp. But the term is now loosely used for mixtures of what to me look like screwed up messy color patterns.

I'm not saying the seller mislabeled his fish intentionally. I truly believe most of them don't even know what they're naming and just follow the name trend. Or name their fish according to the parents they bred - regardless whether the offspring fits into that name category or not.

IMO, it doesn't really matter what name is given to a color pattern. As long as you like it, then it's the best fish for you.
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