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Can you use aquarium salt with metronidazole?

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Can you use aquarium salt with either Seachem or Hikari manufacturers' metronidazole?

If you could give a quick yes or no, I would appreciate it so much!

Thank you.
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I havent used either in the past but a good way to tell if AQ salt is good with meds is to see if the label sepcifies it is good for both freshwater AND saltwater fish. if it says saltwater is allowed then so is AQ salt.
Ahhh that's very true! Thanks for the tip!
What *exactly* are you trying to treat?

In addition to this threat, I see you also have another thread asking about combining Epsom salt with Furan 2. I replied already on *that other* thread. On both threads, you're asking about combining medications/treatments for both internal and external issues.

* Aquarium salt is for external issues. It can contribute to swelling and fluid retention in freshwater fish (such as bettas).

* Metronidazole is generally used to treat internal parasites or anaerobic bacterial infections. (However, internal infections often cause bloating. So if your fish has these, you may want to rethink using Aquarium salt, as it can worsen the fluid retention issues.)

Is there a reason that you want to combine these? (Or, conversely, combine the Furan 2 and Epsom salt that you asked about on your other thread?)
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