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Can't Decide!!!

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Okay, I have an IMPORTANT DECISION to make. I need YOUR OPINION on this. I want a Russian Tortoise, or a Leopard Gecko.
I am getting even more interested in Russian Tortoises than the Gecko because I am uncomfortable with Crickets & Mealworms. I am comfortable with other insects, but not these. I want to think and research before I tell my parents which one I want. My dad had experience with Box Turtles, and he said that they are smelly. Is that true? Even if Box Turtles are different, do Russian Tortoises smell bad?
I also found out that Leopards can live happily in a 20 gallon and only poo/pee on one side. I am okay with everything about them, except their feeding.
Tortoises, I know that they are Herbivores and okay with feeding. I am also okay with their big Habitat Space. I'll just buy a Rubbermaid 50 gallon. People say these are great habitats for them since they aren't see through.
I have throughly researched them both. I am just having a problem with choosing. Please help. Any Suggestions or Comments on which one, would be Appreciated.
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I'd do a Leopard Gecko. I honestly like lizards to tortoises, but that's just my opinion. Yeh. I'm not much of help.
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