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Can't Decide!!!

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Okay, I have an IMPORTANT DECISION to make. I need YOUR OPINION on this. I want a Russian Tortoise, or a Leopard Gecko.
I am getting even more interested in Russian Tortoises than the Gecko because I am uncomfortable with Crickets & Mealworms. I am comfortable with other insects, but not these. I want to think and research before I tell my parents which one I want. My dad had experience with Box Turtles, and he said that they are smelly. Is that true? Even if Box Turtles are different, do Russian Tortoises smell bad?
I also found out that Leopards can live happily in a 20 gallon and only poo/pee on one side. I am okay with everything about them, except their feeding.
Tortoises, I know that they are Herbivores and okay with feeding. I am also okay with their big Habitat Space. I'll just buy a Rubbermaid 50 gallon. People say these are great habitats for them since they aren't see through.
I have throughly researched them both. I am just having a problem with choosing. Please help. Any Suggestions or Comments on which one, would be Appreciated.
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Hmmm... I am looking for a good companion, that has ALOT of personality. I also want a companion that would live for a long time since I want to make a close bond with it. My parents, I think they will understand. I would just tell them NOT to forget, and tell them what to do on a daily basis. When I am at home, I don't really have much to do, besides homework. I am willing to make sure to spend lots of time with it.
For the money, I am saving to reach about like, $500. As I said, I would use the Rubbermaid one for his tank. I know about his food, Collard Greens, Weeds, Alot of Greens, Some foods not treated with pesticides, and alot more. Can't I just clean his poo everyday? Even if I don't have a sensitive nose, It will stink up.
I know about the salmonella and all that. I WILL wash my hands everyday if I need to. For the lights, I know to replace them after a few months. And I have a patience with animals. People, not so much when annoying. I have a close friend, she has a box turtle named Taco, ( It would not be surprising if I named mine Burrito ) She likes turtles & tortoises. For Tortoises, she has a land turtle so it's close kinda. I think she could take care of it. I want a pet that I could actually interact with, and I want one for my 12th birthday. I have had a few animals in the past before, Dogs to Rodents to Fish. Reptiles are new. But I want one to bond with closely. Please tell me if I am ready enough. And of course, buying after saving.
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Oh, okay. I have heard about hibernating them. I don't want to though. I think it's kind've messed up. I'll probably go to her house in Summer Break. Bring on the Crap! If the turtle is a carnivore, does the poo smell different? I know it's disgusting, but is it true? Thank you for helping me. I'm researching them now. And I think I will choose this even if the poo, or anything else. It still matters if my parents say yes. I HOPE they do. I am now thinking about buying from a Pet Store, or a Breeder. I am thinking far ahead, but it would help me in the future. Thanks!
Okay. Sorry you can't get them. Bummer. Well, I live in Maryland. Are there any Breeders near here? I won't be moving. Unless I have a Vacation. I feel bad for the Pet Store ones though. Moved out of there home. Messed up stuff. Need more Calcium and Fiber than Protein. Got it. They are Herbivores. Not Carnivores. Pyramiding, ugh... that's messed up too.
Hmmm... That did make me think. I will probably research even more. Thanks for showing me this. And for the Breeder, I will probably just keep on searching for shows or anything. The last choice I would probably do, is buy one from online.
Do you know how much Vet Bills cost? If I buy one, I would probably take it there 1st just in case.
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