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Can't Decide!!!

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Okay, I have an IMPORTANT DECISION to make. I need YOUR OPINION on this. I want a Russian Tortoise, or a Leopard Gecko.
I am getting even more interested in Russian Tortoises than the Gecko because I am uncomfortable with Crickets & Mealworms. I am comfortable with other insects, but not these. I want to think and research before I tell my parents which one I want. My dad had experience with Box Turtles, and he said that they are smelly. Is that true? Even if Box Turtles are different, do Russian Tortoises smell bad?
I also found out that Leopards can live happily in a 20 gallon and only poo/pee on one side. I am okay with everything about them, except their feeding.
Tortoises, I know that they are Herbivores and okay with feeding. I am also okay with their big Habitat Space. I'll just buy a Rubbermaid 50 gallon. People say these are great habitats for them since they aren't see through.
I have throughly researched them both. I am just having a problem with choosing. Please help. Any Suggestions or Comments on which one, would be Appreciated.
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i have a russian tortoise, and boy are they awesome! They are full of personality, and mine comes when you call his name. They eat a variety of weeds such as dandelions, and also eat collard greens, kale, romaine lettuce and on occasion (feeding fruit too often can cause parasite blooms) strawberry or other fruits. They need regular soaking ( or tortoise bath) weekly, and their food dusted with calcium. Check out for more info. Good luck!
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