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Water change. You will not need thwt amount of water changes, they will differ depending on the amount of fish you have and the size of the tank, in a smaller 1 gallon tank with one male Betta one 50% and one 100% water change will keep ammonia which is toxic to fish minimal. You won't typically have to worry about nitrate or nitrites poisoning as a cycle would be hard to establish in a tank of that size,

Nutritional foods. Bettas they do require nutritional foods, to thrive and do well, withiut a diet that contains the main, improtant, key ingrediants they will modt likely et sick due to stress, or lowered immune system. such as omega - one pellets, new life spectrum pellets, and atisons Betta pro. Not to be confused with attisons Petra pro, this item has been discontinued, they also should have a varied diet aswell, the pellets would be considered the staple diet and another type of food such as frozen or live foods could be fed once or twice a week

# 3 and # 4 are both incorrect, In a tank of that size. A filter would be virtually useless as the lack of surface area, and the O2 content in the water is probably minimal which leaves the nitrifying bacteria in a difficult place to establish, grow and colonize. I would just leave the filter off. And go along with the regular water changes of one 100% and one 50% to keep ammonia minimal. You won't have to worry about nitrite and nitrate poisoning as nitrifying bacteria will most likely not grow strong in this type of habitat, nitrifying bacteria is what oxidizes harmful substances into less harmful ones.

In anything less than 5 gallons, and more than 1 gallon you should ideally do 1 50% and one 100% water changes weekly to minimize ammonia, and nitrites content. In a A tank of that size you shouldn't have to worry about nitrate/nitrite poisoning as nitrates/nitrites are both a result of bacteria oxidizing ammonia into those substances. Cycling doesn't occur as much in tanks less than 5 gallons. In a tnk upwards of 5 gallons. It has the ability to hold a stable cycle, and depending on the stocking. You should do 25-50% water changes. As 100% changes can slightly impact the cycle

Bettas are anataboids/labyrinth fish, which means they have the ability to derive there oxygen from the air/surface, and don't use the water for dissolved oxygen as many other fish do. Which means they have the ability to survive in oxygen depleted water given that they have the ability to get to the surface of the water. They rely on this organ mainly for breathing,
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