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I like the contrast of the different foliage types.

And I have found that dwarf sag fills in nice and quick.

You may find that reading up on the golden ratio helps with tank design.

I found it makes a huge difference.


People can take it to obsessive extremes (I’m not quite that bad... yet) but it is fascinating to see what a difference it can make to move a plant or a rock just a few inches.

I just find it easier to go by a few rules, rather than struggle starting from scratch by myself.

Thank you so much!! That actually helps a lot!!! I was more just trying to focus on trying to cover up the heater and and filter and then fill in blank areas. Which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I think it's vaguely based on that chart (splitting it into quadrants) from the first link but I think the chart thing would be better to follow. It also doesn't help that I only have super tall plants and then grass lol. I need something medium that stays medium but I'm out of room in this tank

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