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Ok, so yesterday, I went out and purchased ANOTHER betta :roll: (I seriously don't know what I'm going to do with myself)
Build a fish room. ;)

Well, at home, I already had 3 males Mr.Fish, Shadow, and Fireball. Mr.Fish was our first betta. When we bought him, I bought a small 1 gallon tank (I know it's not big enough for him, now) But he seemed fine in this tank. He was curious, but ALWAYS friendly! He loves when you come near the tank and when I put my hand in the tank for any reason (which i know is also bad) he will swim by it or even onto it.
Well I felt bad having him in such a small tank so I went to the pet store to purchase him a bigger tank :)....(and that led to me walking out of the store with 2 more male betta's, a 2.5 gallon tank, 10 gallon tank, decorations and a divider!!!! Ughhh)
Nice. :p I approve, anyway.

Anyway, my daughter set up the 2.5 gallon tank with a little bridge/stairs decoration and she put spongebob and patrick decorations on top of that, also a glass mermaid, an under gravel heater, and a large plant!!!! I'm feeling that this tank may be getting over crowded! :-(
Bettas love having things to explore and hide in, so don't worry about that.
He seemed to love his larger tank and all of his decorations though, he has always been curious, so everything was inspected by him 6-7 times over and seemed to get the seal of approval. Everything was going great up until yesterday!! Ahhhhhh....this is where I start getting worried. I bring home this BEAUTIFUL betta female, because I'm obviously addicted to bettas now! I was setting up the 1 gallon tank for her, until I could get over to pet smart and grab another 10 gallon for her, and my daughter thought it would be cute to introduce Mr.Fish to his "new girlfriend, Violet." I didn't think too much of it until I noticed that he went SUPER CRAZY when she showed Mr.Fish his new gf! He started swimming very fast and even trying to flip out of the water! I quickly moved Violet from the front of his tank and placed her into her temporary home. Went back to see how Mr.Fish was doing and he's still swimming in the same big circle pattern splashing his water each time. I figured he was just bothered that we put another fish in front of his tank, and that he was having a tantrum and it would probably be over by today. But when I came out and turned on his light....he's still swimming in the same circle pattern, and has been doing that for about 19 hours now. I'm not sure what is going on with him and now I'm starting to worry!
It sounds to me like he was actually just freaked out by the combination of new tank + new fish. Keep the lights off for another day or so - maybe even cover his tank - and he should calm down.

So my questions are:

Should I take some decorations out of his tank? Could this be a reason he's having this tantrum, because he thought I was going to put her in with him and there isn't enough room?
Nope. The more places to hide from the scary girl fish, the happier he will be. :)

Could it be the temperature on his tank? Constantly 78 degrees? Too warm??
Definitely not too warm. If anything, I'd raise it to 80 (78 is fine too, though).

Could it be a possibility that he's ready for mating? I haven't noticed any bubble nests with any of my males but they have all only been with me for a little over 2 weeks now.
He's a boy. He's always ready for mating. :p I jest. I doubt that's what is up, though.

And lastly, should I get him a 10 gallon also, and put some tank mates in there with him? Maybe he's lonely and was excited to see her....
He is definitely not lonely. If you want to get him a ten gallon, go for it, but the behaviour he has exhibited makes me wonder if he'd be accepting of tankmates...

I have NO IDEA what is going on and I'm worried about my baby boy....some input would be great:-(

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time out to answer my questions and read my ramble. This is what I do when I'm nervous, I ramble.
I would say, don't worry. He's just doing a silly fish thing and he will get over it. That's why we love them - they do silly fish things. :)
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