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Does he have any stress stripes (horizontal pale stripes on body)? Is he eating, otherwise acting ok? Is he flaring at anything (reflection, glass mermaid)? Is it possible he's just active? Does he perseverate or act upset over anything in particular with his decorations?

A bigger tank that you can reliably heat would be nice for him (although the undergravel heater may suffice), but for now, I'd leave him alone, and don't introduce him to tankmates at this point. He probably needs some 'down time'- Make sure the water quality is good in his tank, temp 78-80 is perfect, (he's not too warm at 78), and you may want to try minimal lighting and stimulation in the room- It's rest time for him:) Don't let him see other fish right now. Remove any decorations that are causing him to constantly flare. Sometimes I put a light pillowcase (allowing for access to oxygen) over my tanks if I have a betta too hyper or upset or stressed by something.

Definitely see what others have to say too.

Good luck!
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