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Changes in filtered 2.5

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How often do you make changes in a filter 2.5?
Still twice weekly, one 50% and one 100% ?
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I believe that with a filter, two 50% is enough, as long as you vacuum the gravel.
It allows the ammonia to build up all week, instead of only half a week. Full changes are also more stressful than partials.
Not true, Liquid. :) In a 2.5 there is no cycle anyway - less than 5 gallons doesn't really hold a cycle. In over 5 gallons, which has cycled, even a 100% water change won't remove the cycle. Very little of the beneficial bacteria is contained in the water.
What will kill a cycle is replacing or over-scrubbing your filter, which is where 90% of the good bacteria is. :)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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