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The filter media should be fine for about 6-8 hours as long as you keep it wet

I wouldn't change out the filter media yet.....-wait at least a week or so...just give it a good rinse/swish in the bucket of old tank water-I would do this before you move so that you can remove any build up of mulm/debris on the filter media that can limit oxygen and then float the media in tank water for the move to the new location.

When you do change out the filter media-cut a piece of the old filter media off the cartridge and attach it to the new filter media for a week-10 days to help seed the new media....

Generally you don't have to change out the filter media until its falling apart-unless you want to use carbon (not needed)-if your filter media is the cartridge type with the sponge and carbon all in one-you can cut a slit in the sponge and dump the carbon out once it is used up in about 2-4 weeks-depending on amount and quality of the carbon...or you can leave the used up carbon in the won't hurt anything and will even provide more surface area for beneficial bacteria....

Carbon use is more of a personal choice than a need in most aquariums-but its always good to have fresh active carbon on hand if needed.

Have a safe move.....
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