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Changing water question

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I have 2.5 gallon tank and in the setup instructions for it, it says that you have to wait 24 hours before putting the fish in after you put the chemicals to treat it. Do I have to wait 24 hours every time I change it?
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No. You wait for the chlorine, heavy metals, chloramines, etc. To deplete, and vanish, or dilute to safe levels. adding a proper dechlorinator, such as Aqua Safe, and Seachem Prime. Will almost virtually instantly take out the above listed harmful substances. In a 2.5 gallon, you should do 1 100% water change, and 1 50% water change weekly, with one make betta
Oh ok so whenever I do change the water I don't have to wait 24 hours?
Nope. Completely unnecessary. As long as you have added the proper dechlorinators to make the levels safe
Oh ok thanks for the help
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