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Cheap Aquarium Backgrounds

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So I have used a few kinds of aquarium backgrounds that you can buy at the fish stores. Lately though I've had nothing on the back and I have been pretty happy with it. But then I saw somebody using frosted window film and I fell in love! I've been trying to find an option less than 20 bucks. Anyways I am wondering what else you guys have used on your tanks. I'd love to see pictures!
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Maybe paint your own background?

What I did for the meantime was place a white cardboard in the back of my tank. (I am an artist so I have extra paper and cardboard from past projects. I was thinking about painting it but it was too much work so I got a background at petsmart instead. =P Lazy I know. Hehehe maybe someday I will paint it but for now the background I have will work. Maybe this will give you some ideas for a BG?
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